Roof repair is the single biggest expense that a homeowner can have after a home is purchased. States like Florida that have experienced higher than average foreclosure sales can have a lot of roof damage. People that flip homes usually do not replace the roof before the home is sold to a homeowner. These flippers as they’re called in the industry know how expensive it is to replace a roof. This can cause the buyer of one of these homes a lot of problems. Here at Roof Link Inc., we deal with roof repair and related issues each day. You’ve landed on the page that can help you fix your roof the right way.

There is nothing that we haven’t seen before and nothing that will surprise us in the future. Part of owning a roof is performing annual maintenance. This can include a visual inspection of the shingles. It is never recommended for a homeowner to get atop a roof without safety equipment. We’re one of few companies that perform roof assessments for homeowners at no cost. We’re roof repair in Orange Park, FL experts and we know exactly what we can find during an inspection. Things like mold and algae are real problems to the shingles on a roof.

Roof Repair in Orange Park, FL Experts

Your home might include shingles that are low grade. This means that materials used in the creation of these shingles is low quality. The only reason these shingles are used by builders and house flippers is the low cost. These shingles often have a shorter life span and are about 30 percent cheaper. This 30 percent is what can cost you 500 percent if you have to have a roof replacement that your insurance company will not pay. We stick with trusted weather products like Owens Corning when installing roofs and repairing roofs for homeowners in Orange Park, FL. We know the value of these shingles and the lifespan is 20 years or more.

Since Florida is a hurricane state, there are thousands of homeowners that do something to protect against damage. There are also thousands of homeowners that think their roof will never be damaged. The ice, rain and hailstones that are common in hurricanes and tropical storms can easily wipe out a roof. The high winds and sun deterioration are two other elements that bring a lot of damage. You owe it to yourself and to your home to have your shingles evaluated annually. Roof Link Inc. provides this service. It is much easier to replace worn shingles with new ones than it is to replace your entire roof.

Roof Repair in Orange Park, FL Quotes

It only takes a couple moments to get a roof repair or replacement quote from our website. Use the quote form we provide here or call us by phone at 904-900-2801. We’ll instantly help you. Your insurance company might be responsible for paying 100 percent of damage to your roof. We know the law and can help you avoid paying for unnecessary expenses to your roof. We’ll help you instantly.