Our Mission

Roofing contractors that are part of the Roof Link Inc. network do repairs and installs right the first time. It is a struggle to find a qualified roofer to help keep your home safe. What we do is eliminate the fear and confusion that can happen during the repairs or installation process for homeowners. You’re totally covered here at Roof Link.

We solve roofing problems as a professional company. We know that it can be tempting to call a handyman to fix a roof problem. While some talented workers do exist outside of the professional industry, you get what you need when you let professionals take over. We’re able to do work that is less expensive, higher quality and in most cases covered by your insurance.

Garrett Wadford - Roof Link Inc

Who Are We?

RoofLink, Inc was founded by Garrett Wadford, a native of Jacksonville FL. After successful ventures in construction, he decided to broaden his scope of work and got into the roofing industry and has never looked back. During the years, Garrett has increased his roofing and construction capabilities while never forgetting that customer service is what makes a company what it is.